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After-School Workshops
Out of School Workshops

After-School workshops are very popular clubs, run as programmes in schools or in local halls and theatres so contact us to find your nearest workshop.


They are always wonderful for children who already love drama, but they are also brilliant for children who are less extrovert.


We use professional actors and directors to run the clubs and bring a fresh approach to storytelling and character analysis. Dramatic Dreams workshops help the children to develop improvisation and characterisation techniques.

Out-Of-School Workshops

Head teachers have found that using outside specialists for PPA time is a far more constructive use of the children’s time. 

Special Projects
Holiday Workshops

We provide week long or three day holiday drama and music workshop at The Riverside Studios.

Holiday Workshops

Our holiday workshops take place in the Christmas, Easter and Summer School Holidays.  Contact us for information on our next holiday workshop.

Special Projects

We run a variety of Special Projects, our most popular being the production of Summer Musicals for schools.


We are also constantly evolving our programmes to improve the quality of our provision for SEND children. We are proud of the work we have developed with the ARK group on their Drive for Literacy Programme.


"By the end of the project, my pupils' confidence in their ability to communicate, listen and capture their thoughts in writing had increased. This project was definitely a good investment."

Sonia Rutherford, Head Teacher at ARK Oval


Holiday Workshops
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